November 19, 2017

Dear Parishioners:
Sia Lodato Gesu Cristo! Sempre Sia Lodato!

In today’s Gospel, an important man has invested in his servants. Each servant responds differently – either investing what has been given or not doing anything. Very simply the parable is about us! We are those servants. The question is what will we do/ what are we doing/ what have we done, with what God has given us? Do we hide our light under a bushel, or do we make the best use of our talents and give back more than we have been given. Preserving our lives is the least we can do. The best we can do is to appreciate and take advantage of what has been entrusted to us. We can use our hearts and minds to give glory to God and to help each other. We can be like the wife in the first reading who takes her husband’s love and gives back even more. We should be like the enterprising servants who take a risk, but return even more than they were given. Life is risky and uncertain, but we need to actively do our very best. And we have to act now. We can’t hide our light. We can’t bury our talents. We don’t know when the master will return and when we will be held to account. Will we waste our lives, or use our talents to make a greater return to God? A “talent” entrusted to each of us from the moment of our Baptism, is the gift of Faith. Faith in the One, True God, and His Church. It is God’s desire that we live our faith; share our faith, love our faith. It troubles me when I know (I am not referring to only here at St. Rocco – but in every place that I have served as a Mecedarian) but I know parishioners who claim they “love” their faith, God and the parish; they will do anything socially oriented and or fundraisers, etc. but do not make the effort to regularly attend Sunday Mass. When this is the case, the talent of “Faith” is not being invested or exercised. Just like our physical muscles, if we don’t use them, they lose their potential and we lose the needed support they provide our bodies. As Catholic Christians, being involved and doing good here and there is commendable and nice, but it ought to be the fruit of our regular Mass attendance. It is easy to find excuses for not attending Mass every Sunday: “I’m tired;” “soccer game at 10am;” “I’m really busy,” etc. etc. It is easy to allow ourselves to be so “busy” we are a slave to “activism” and not taking time to pray and worship our Lord. As a young man, I saw that there was a saying on a poster that read: “If you are too busy to pray, then you are too busy.” How true. My friends, we are not cogs in a machine; we are made to know, love and serve God in this world so as to be with Him in the next. Going to Sunday Mass is a privilege; an honor, it ought to be the highlight of our week. Invest the talent of “faith” given at Baptism. Water that seed of Faith; care for it, nuture it – this is all done at Mass when we remember and ask pardon for our faults; listen to God’s Word; offer ourselves, our needs and accomplishments to the Lord in sacrifice and receive the Eternal Word in Holy Communion. Life is risky. Living our Faith is risky. Don’t waste your life or the gift of your Faith – invest it so as to give a greater return to God and others. Be assured of my prayers for you this week. Peace out – Fr. James, O. de M.