Mercedarian Friars Anniversary

The Mercedarian Order will be celebrating its 800th Anniversary of Foundation in 2018. In preparation for that Jubilee Year, each preceding year has been dedicated to a proper devotion of the Order.

This year is dedicated to Christ, the Redeemer: The last year in preparation for the 800th Jubilee of the Order’s Foundation ( 1218-2018 ). Christ Jesus is the image of the invisible God: Christ Jesus is the Face of the Father: Christ Jesus is our Redeemer who has ransomed us from the slavery of sin and the snares of the from living as a “free” child of God.

For more information about the 800th Jubilee of the Order of Mercy go to :

School Sweaters

Many of our school children are in need of school uniform sweaters/hoodies to keep them warm in these cooler months.

If you would like to help with this, please contact our principal, Mr. Matt Daniels at 216-961-8557.

Christmas Flowers

Every household received an envelope entitled “Christmas Flowers.” These envelopes are for your use to make an offering for the poinsettias in church in memory of loved ones or for particular intentions.

The offering for each plant is $15.00. Please keep thin in mind when returning your envelopes. There are also order slips for the flowers in the church narthex (vestibule).

ALL order forms / envelopes for flowers need to be turned into the parish office by December 18th.

Thank you for your cooperation.

December 3, 2017

Dear Parishioners:
Sia Lodato Gesu Cristo! Sempre Sia Lodato!

Happy New Year! Here we are, eleven months into the calendar year, five months into the fiscal year, about twelve weeks into the academic year — and our church has chosen this Sunday, about four weeks before our actual New Year, to be the start of our liturgical year. Would it have been a better idea to begin the church year with the calendar year? I think not. It is really a great idea that our liturgical year transcends and invades all those other cycles. That interruption reminds us — sharply — that the Christian community lives out time in a wholly different framework. Just as we have taught the whole world to mark all planetary history with Christ at the center, and all other time before and after him; and, so we insist on placing our “church year” slightly out of sync with the secular calendar year. The birth of Jesus the Messiah centers our sense of time. Further, we begin the church year by focusing on our need for God, which He began to be address in a whole new way with the Incarnation of His Son. Today’s Scripture readings help us contemplate our need for God. It is a constant, continuous need and hopefully each of us is aware of this. With the beginning of a “new” liturgical year and with the 800th Anniversary Year of the Mercedarian Order beginning next month, we are initiating an ancient custom of the Friars and celebrate the Saturday Salve Tradition at our 4pm Anticipated Mass each Saturday evening. This custom of honoring our Lady of Mercy dates back to the earliest years of our Order’s foundation. It will take some time for all of us to become familiar with the chants, however I have no doubt it will jell! Lastly, I wish to express my gratitude again to everyone who prepared, organized and worked the Thanksgiving community meal here on Thanksgiving Day. Special thanks to Fr. Bob Stec and the parishioners of St. Ambrose for all they do in planning this; for their support and solidarity. It is a beautiful expression of charity to share what one has with others – share time, food, support and prayer. Be sure to pick up a copy of the Magnificat Advent calendar prayer books available at the entrances of the Church. Take time during this grace filled season to prepare spiritually for the coming of the Lord Jesus. Be assured of my prayers for all of you – Happy Advent and peace out. – Fr. James, O. de M.

L’atteggiamento della vigilanza, richiamato dal Vangelo, e collocato tra due certezze: la prima venuta di Cristo con l’incarnazione, e la seconda venuta del Cristo glorioso, che segnera l’incontro definitivo dell’uomo con Dio. In questo tempo di attesa i cristiani sono chiamati a far fruttificare i doni di grazia ricevuto.

Introduction to Pre-School

My name is Julie Diggs, and this is my fourth year teaching preschool at St. Rocco. I have previously taught other grade levels, but have found a true calling and joy in serving the little ones!

My overall goal of PreK is to help develop and foster a love for learning in a fun, positive way, and to prepare the students to be successful for the next step of their learning. We are busy in PreK! Play is a very important part of our day. During play, we are imagining, socializing, cooperating, sharing, encouraging, creating, communicating and accomplishing to name just a few of the skills that will benefit us as we grow.

Our weekly concepts include a letter, number, shape, color or specific theme. We participate in a variety of multi-sensory activities that engage and cover all subject areas including literacy and reading, math, art and science. For example, we learned about leaves during Letter “L” week. We read an assortment of fiction and nonfiction books about leaves. It’s been fun learning about why leaves change colors. We sang and danced to a fun leaf poem. We also went on a leaf hunt, compared and graphed leaves and created a leaf person. Finally, we created a cool leaf sponge painting.

Hopefully, this gives you a brief look into our PreK classroom! I am blessed and grateful for the wonderful students in my classroom. I consider it an honor to be a part of their early learning experiences.

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Third Order of Mercy

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Mercedarian Third Order? The Third Order is the “lay” branch of the Friar’s.

Members are:

  • Fully initiated in the Catholic Church
  • Practicing Catholics
  • Devoted to the Blessed Virgin and pray the Rosary every day
  • Seek to grow in holiness
  • Have compassion for those in danger of loosing their Faith
  • Wish to share in the spiritual goods, tradition and history of the Order of Mercy

For more information, contact Fr. James.

On December 8th at the 7pm Mass, we will induct the first members of our parish Third Order.