School Sweaters

Many of our school children are in need of school uniform sweaters/hoodies to keep them warm in these cooler months.

If you would like to help with this, please contact our principal, Mr. Matt Daniels at 216-961-8557.

Introduction to Pre-School

My name is Julie Diggs, and this is my fourth year teaching preschool at St. Rocco. I have previously taught other grade levels, but have found a true calling and joy in serving the little ones!

My overall goal of PreK is to help develop and foster a love for learning in a fun, positive way, and to prepare the students to be successful for the next step of their learning. We are busy in PreK! Play is a very important part of our day. During play, we are imagining, socializing, cooperating, sharing, encouraging, creating, communicating and accomplishing to name just a few of the skills that will benefit us as we grow.

Our weekly concepts include a letter, number, shape, color or specific theme. We participate in a variety of multi-sensory activities that engage and cover all subject areas including literacy and reading, math, art and science. For example, we learned about leaves during Letter “L” week. We read an assortment of fiction and nonfiction books about leaves. It’s been fun learning about why leaves change colors. We sang and danced to a fun leaf poem. We also went on a leaf hunt, compared and graphed leaves and created a leaf person. Finally, we created a cool leaf sponge painting.

Hopefully, this gives you a brief look into our PreK classroom! I am blessed and grateful for the wonderful students in my classroom. I consider it an honor to be a part of their early learning experiences.