School Registration Information

Thanks for visiting St. Rocco Parish School!

We are excited to help you discern the next step in your student’s academic career. Registering for our school is easy: contact our school office at 216-961-8557, and we can send you a registration packet.

Ask us about how we make a Catholic Education affordable for all families!

Did you know? 100% of St. Rocco Parish School students receive state or local tuition assistance.

Our registration fee is $100 per family.

Did you know? Families who help us register a new family, will receive a refunded registration fee!

Our classroom sizes average 17 students or less.

Did you know? Small classroom sizes can be linked to higher achievement for students!

Our classrooms are prepared to ensure every student learns.

Did you know? We have over 10% of our student population who are recognized as unique learners. We are now official providers of the Jon Peterson Scholarship!